Message from the President

A company of technical experts providing the high quality services.

  Since the foundation in 1946, SAMPA KOGYO has been supporting our customers with professional services based on experienced engineering. Our superior engineering has been evaluated in special fields such as production of electrical equipment for the aircraft and ships of JMSDF, providing field engineering and laser technologies, developing the land-base security monitoring system and so on.
  Our integrated system that includes the design, manufacture, maintenance of the products, and technical services to the user is highly praised to meet the needs of the customer.
  We know the most important key is the "human". Technicians who execute the mission precisely and quickly assure our service is high quality. SAMPA KOGYO believes that the most important theme is developing the technical expert with the ability to understand the customer's needs.
  SAMPA KOGYO will continue the challenge of centering on the visitor's satisfaction, keeping happy employees and customers, and the contribution to the community. We will always strive to do our best.

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President of SAMPA KOGYO: Susumu Kashiwagi